The View From Minneapolis

Minneapolis, also known as the city of lakes, is the largest city in Minnesota. Along with St. Paul, the two make up the “Twin Cities.”




Minneapolis has a lot of culture and a diverse population. The saying “Minnesota nice” isn’t just a saying but a way of life for the people who live there. The harsh winters unite the city with one common goal – to stay warm and to stay alive.


There is a constant argument over whether New York or Chicago serves better pizza. The answer is a little farther west at Pizza Lucé. If you have ever dreamed up a crazy pizza flavor they probably have it, mashed potato pizza, shrimp pizza, Greek pizza, and lots more. Inside the restaurant you can find local artist’s work for sale on the walls, so if you see something you like, you can bring it home with your pizza. They also deliver which is nice if you don’t want to trek through the snow during those long winter months.


If you have ever seen pictures of Minneapolis, they probably have included the spoonbridge and cherry, one of the most well-known landmarks. Minneapolis is famous for its theaters, museums and art. Besides New York City, Minneapolis has the most theater seats per capita compared to any other city. In 2006 The Guthrie Theater was rebuilt and reopened to the public, attracting attention from all over the country for its architecture. The city is a great place for working artists, there are many galleries and The Art Institute International Minnesota is located downtown. Some of the other art museums include: The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, The Weisman Art Museum, The Walker Art Gallery, and The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.


A local favorite hip hop artist is Atmosphere. They are an up and coming group that consists of rapper Slug and DJ/producer Ant. Most commonly known for tracks include You, a song with clever lyrics about trying to be independent, and a favorite in Minnesota, Say Shh, a song about living in the Midwest that starts out with slug saying, “I wanted to make a song about where I’m from, you know, big up my hometown, my territory, my state.”

Atmosphere – Say Shh



Uptown Minneapolis is the trendy spot to meet friends and have a few beers together. It is located close to the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities so it attracts a lot of college students. There are also malls, comedy clubs, movie theaters, and local shops in the area. Typically they have some kind of special event going on at least once a week in the neighborhood.


Things to do nearby

Right outside of Minneapolis, in Bloomington, is The Mall of America. It’s about a ten minute drive from downtown, or you can take the lightrail directly there. The Mall of America is the biggest mall in the United States. According to their website the building has 4.2 million square feet and gets 40 million visitors annually.


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A Trip to Pittsburgh



What do you get when you put your whole meal, including fries and coleslaw, in between two pieces of bread? You get a famous Primanti Bros sandwich. The sandwich, which has been nicknamed “Almost Famous” has premiered on the Travel Channel’s Man v. Food, 101 Tastiest Places to Chow Down, Food Paradise, and in the August 2003 issue of National Geographic.


Mount Washington is a tall hill and if you stand at the top you can see across to the city. To get to the top there is a train car that goes up the side of the hill and it costs the same as the city bus ($2.75 round trip). It is a very popular place to take pictures and includes walk ways and viewing areas with gates and lights.


Pittsburgh is home to the 2009 Superbowl champions, the Steelers, affectionately pronounced “Stillers” by Pittsburgh locals.


People born and raised in Pittsburgh have their own lingo that is unlikely to be heard anywhere else in the world. Accents range from very thick to hardly detectable but here is a list of some of the words you may hear in the city.

Swull – embarrassed

Yinz or Yinzers- you or you all

Sixbergh – this phrase can be found on most fan apparel and  refers to the six super bowls won by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Gumband – a rubber band

Warsh rag – wash cloth

Hoagie – large sandwich or sub sandwich


A recent song written about Pittsburgh is called Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa. Pittsburgh is a town that is proud of their sports teams and stands by them regardless of scandals and controversies. This music video is a good representation of the love of the fans.


Pittsburgh prides itself on being a college town. Some Universities include:

University of Pittsburgh– known for its excellence in math and science programs Pitt is home to 18 thousand undergrads and 10 thousand graduate students.

Point Park University– Point Park was previously known as Point Park College until recently when it added graduate programs and became a University. They are known for their excellence in dance and theater programs and have a total enrollment around 4 thousand students.

Duquesne University– Pronounced like ‘dew-cain’, this university is home to around 5 thousand undergrads and an equal number of graduate students. The private school is a big attraction for business students because of the programs offered.

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